Asian Development Bank
Water Pilot and Demonstration Activities
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Grant amount: up to USD $50,000

The ADB makes small grants for pilot and demonstration activities (PDAs) to test and validate approaches, methodologies, and strategies to improve water resources management, water services delivery, and reforms in water policy. Eligibility for PDAs extends to government agencies and local governments; international and national NGOs; academic and research institutions; and ADB's staff in regional departments. PDAs are implemented in less than one year, and for funding of less than US$50 thousand.

Blue Moon Fund
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development
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The Fund makes grants for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the USA, China, Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, and tropical Latin America. The program is open to conservation NGOs and other charitable non-profit organizations in the USA, and to organizations in other countries that have equivalent nonprofit status. Blue Moon also funds public and private universities.

DigitalGlobe Foundation
Satellite Imagery for Environment and Natural Resources
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The Foundation makes awards of archive satellite imagery for research and applied projects in climate change, land use, coastal development, forest management, wildlife corridors, water management, fisheries management, agricultural planning, disaster response and recovery, and other topics in environment and natural resources. Grant recipients are students and professors at accredited universities and related educational institutions for projects in which the data will not be used commercially. Additionally, DigitalGlobe gives special consideration to analysts and researchers at NGOs who need the imagery in support of humanitarian and/or environmental efforts.

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund
Rapid Response Fund
Apply Anytime:
Grant amount: up to USD $5,000

The Rapid Respond Program is designed to provide emergency grants in times of conservation crisis or urgent need. Grants are up to US$5 thousand per request. Inquiries to the Rapid Response Fund can be submitted at any time. Applicants send an email to DWCF to request an invitation code.

Global Environment Facility
GEF Small Grants Program
Apply Anytime:
Grant amount: : up to USD $50,000

GEF's Small Grants Program funds community-based projects in biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and abatement, protection of international waters, prevention of land degradation, and reduction of the impact of persistent organic pollutants (i.e., the focal areas of the GEF more widely). Grant recipients are community-based organizations, NGOs, and other grassroots organizations. The maximum grant size is US$50 thousand, and the average is about US$25 thousand. Grant seekers contact the relevant SGP National Coordinator for guidelines and an application form.

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