The Bhutan Ecological Society will be holding its Third Annual Research Symposium on 28th August 2015 at Druk Hotel in Thimphu. This program will offer a platform for persons from all sectors to share their conservation knowledge and experiences with each other and with the general public, through posters and research presentations.


Friday, 28th August 2015 (9:30 AM–5:00 PM) at Druk Hotel in Thimphu, Bhutan: Policy-makers, practitioners, researchers, educators and students will share their conservation knowledge and experiences through poster and research presentations, and structured discussion sessions.


The Bhutan Ecological Society invites abstracts of research presentations or poster exhibitions for its Second Annual Research Symposium that will be held Friday, 28th August 2015, at Druk Hotel in Thimphu, Bhutan. Abstracts may describe ongoing or completed research or projects, or analyses of conservation issues, in any of seven focus areas:

  • Sustainable Livelihoods (includes human-wildlife issues)
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Resources
  • Biodiversity Conservation (includes species-specific projects on wild flora and fauna)
  • Water Resources
  • Climate Change
  • Agriculture Science (includes domestic livestock and crops)

To submit an abstract for a research presentation or poster exhibition, please email your abstract to Completed forms should be emailed to by 10th August 2015.

POSTER EXHIBITION GUIDELINES (upon acceptance of abstracts)

If your abstract for poster exhibition has been accepted, please comply with these guidelines for poster registration and format.

Poster authors should bring their posters to the Druk Hotel lobby (symposium registration desk) on Thusday, 27th August 2015, between 5:00 and 7:00 PM, unless prior arrangements are made with the Symposium Organizing Committee.

Posters should be no larger than 4 feet X 6 feet. Each poster should have a clear title and the names of all authors in a manner legible from a distance (recommended font size > 80 pts). Posters must be printed ahead of time—no printers will be available at the meeting venue. Authors should collect (remove) their posters immediately after the Certificates & Awards Ceremony, which will be held 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM on Friday, 28th August 2015. If posters cannot be collected at this time, prior arrangements for later collection may be made with the Symposium Organizing Committee.

RESEARCH PRESENTATION GUIDELINES (upon acceptance of abstracts)

If your abstract for a research presentation has been accepted, please comply with these guidelines for speaker registration and presentation format.

th August 2015, to allow sufficient time for the Symposium Organizing Committee to upload presentations and ensure they are working properly on symposium laptops. Speakers will be given prior instructions on how to submit their powerpoints. Once submitted, presentations cannot be modified without consent of the Symposium Organizing Committee.

Presentations on related topics will be assigned to the same session, when possible. Each research presentation will be limited to 20 minutes long, with an additional 5 minutes for the audience to ask questions (total 25 minutes per speaker) before the next presentation begins. Time limits will be strictly enforced by the session moderator.

If slides or movies accompany oral presentations, the presentation files must open in Microsoft PowerPoint (for slides) or QuickTime (for movies). We cannot guarantee that embedded animations and movies will run.


Last-minute cancellations—particularly after the symposium schedule is finalized and printed for distribution—are extremely disruptive. Inform the Symposium Organizing Committee ( no later than Saturday, 15th August 2015, if you must withdraw an accepted submission from research presentations or poster exhibitions. Presenters and poster authors canceling after this date without excellent reason may be barred from future BES symposia. Please also inform the Symposium Organizing Committee as soon as possible if a substitute will be presenting an accepted research presentation.